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This website welcomes you back to your alma mater.

Since you left Justo Mwale (how long ago?) real progress has been made in terms of infra structure and facilities. Do come and visit us, update yourself and feel included as a respected member of the Justo Mwale University community! If a physical visit is not possible, well… this is what this website is meant to be
• your point of entrance into this unique community where you belong… for life!
• your source of information on all the activities, programs, woe and weal of the community
• your opportunity to surface and make your presence known on this very site
• your opportunity to contribute towards the constructive spirit of the Justo Mwale University community


Email us the stories of your experiences as student, and your life story after you have left campus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The current students and personnel need your input to get a historical perspective of the training and life of this institution. We can only build well if we build on the good foundations of the past. Your stories are the hands uncovering the foundations, and strengthening the new constructions.

Since your student days at Justo Mwale, much has been achieved.
But for healthy growth in future, you are still needed
Your positive input, also by means of this website
Your witness to God’s work done at Justo Mwale University,
also by telling others about this website
Do join the supporters of Justo Mwale University!